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Business Services

So, you’ve relocated, expanded or started a business in Mohave County…now what? It’s time to grow your business. In Mohave County, the day after we cut the ribbon for a new company is the day our business retention and expansion program begins.  We invite you to explore the links below to learn about our regional business services—designed to help your business thrive and expand in Mohave County.

The One-Stop Career Center

The Mohave County One-Stop Career Center provides support to employers in recruiting, staffing and training a viable workforce for the 21st Century and career development services for youth and adults. Get the latest labor market research, find qualified new hires, create customized staff training programs, or let us help you avoid layoffs.

Mohave Small Business Development Center

Take advantage of specialized training programs and courses, one-on-one small business counseling services and more, all designed to take your small business from start-up to expansion and beyond.