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Part Of The Arizona Workforce Connection

Mohave County's One-Stop Centers are entry points into the Arizona Workforce Connection's One-Stop System of job-seeker and employer services. The Mohave County One-Stop Career Center provides free employment services to everyone who is eligible to work in the United States and seeking assistance in their job search. There is no cost or fee to the job seeker.

One-Stop Centers provide core services universally to all persons with a right to work who are seeking employment assistance. More intense support and training services are available to persons who are eligible for assistance under certain Federal and State programs. These programs target numerous "at risk" populations including dislocated or laid off workers who are affected by the downsizing or closure of their companies.

The One-Stop Centers also assist job seekers with special needs, (e.g., veterans, disabled workers, welfare recipients, teen parents, and older workers). One-Stop partners with many organizations in order to provide these job seekers with customized employment and training solutions.

The COalition YOuth TEam (COYOTE) is a public-private partnership program coordinated through Mohave County’s One-Stop Career Centers. The program implements the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) requirements for year-round youth development and employment training for 14-to 21-year olds.

The Centers are located in Kingman, Lake Havasu City, and Bullhead City. The One-Stop partners work closely with local businesses, educators and job seekers to ensure that the workforce needs of Mohave County are identified and that opportunities exist to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a vibrant local workforce. The free employment services offered by Mohave County’s One-Stop Centers include:


  • Job Search Assistance
  • Virtual One-Stop access
  • Resource Center and Referrals
  • Work-Readiness Assistance
  • Job Search Workshops
  • Resumes and Applications
  • Training Programs


  • Coalition Youth Team (COYOTE)
  • Work Experience (WEX) and Work Readiness
  • Basic Education/GED Preparation
  • Work Keys, TABE, and other assessments

TITLE V- What Can Title V Do For You Older Workers?

  • Give you the opportunity to participate in work experience training (19.5 hours per week)
  • Allow you to earn at least current minimum wage while training and learning new skills
  • Give you the opportunity to improve your job skills and develop new ones
  • Provide you with professional help in developing job search skills
  • Enable you to establish a current work history and up-to date resume
  • Provide the opportunity for a yearly physical exam, workers compensation insurance and help with your work-related transportation expenses