Industry in Mohave County

For companies in manufacturing, transportation, distribution, logistics, energy, and IT/data storage, the Mohave region has a special appeal. It’s probably because of our sunny climate, low business costs, experienced workforce and proximity to major west coast markets... Not to mention the views. If you are considering a relocation or an expansion in one of our target industries, we invite you to learn more below.


Business Facilities recently ranked Arizona #1 - the nation’s alternative energy industry leader. That makes sense to us. Mohave County’s vast desert areas offer some of the highest solar and wind power potential in the nation. Available land zoned for energy, cash grants from the US Department of Energy and experienced engineers at your fingertips…it’s no wonder Mohave County appeals to smart energy companies and attracts projects like the Western Wind Energy Project. Learn more.


Manufacturing has been a mainstay of the Arizona economy for decades, and the Mohave region is no exception with a long history and a bright future as a center for specialized manufacturing. Our Manufacturing Sector uses the combined efforts of government, industry, academia and economic development leaders. Today the Mohave region’s manufacturing industry is involved in the production of high value-added hard goods ranging the gamut of materials from composites and metals, to plastics and refractory materials. These goods may be simple one piece components, mechanical devices, electronics, complex multiple part apparatus, or anything in between. Manufacturing business owners benefit from their Mohave County location, with convenient access to transportation, the low cost of doing business here, business-friendly environmental regulations, an active lifestyle, and access to a savvy workforce. Take advantage of easy access to manufacturing talent, suppliers and low-cost utilities. Learn more

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Within a one-day drive of San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix and other major western markets, Mohave County is the perfect place to set up your transportation business. The Transportation and Logistics Cluster is primarily involved in the movement of goods, including but not limited to, freight hauling, storage, and distribution. The core of this cluster revolves around trucking, rail hauling, and warehousing, however, includes air and marine freight and other storage and distribution activities. The Mohave region’s Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics sector is currently in a strategic position for growth as Pacific ports and other west coast inland ports continue to reach capacity and push eastward. The ability for multimodal transportation opportunities also abound with the Mohave region’s access to major highway, rail, and airport operations in the vicinity. Learn more

Arts and Entertainment

Industry produces spectator art works, facilitates site-seeing activities, provides the means for varied recreational sports, and generally provides goods and services for various tourism industries in the Mohave County region. Specific examples of this cluster’s products include lodging, tour guides, live performance art, spectator sports, food and beverage services, and sport equipment rentals. In contrast to basic industries, these quasi-basic Arts and Entertainment activities attract the consumer to their location, rather than exporting the product to the consumer location. There is no doubt that a percentage of local consumers engage in these Arts and Entertainment activities making it quasi-basic. The Arts and Entertainment Cluster is a large existing Cluster in all three economic regions due to the regional climate and the entire counties’ proximity to many bodies of water, the Grand Canyon, Mohave and Sonoran Deserts, Colorado Plateau/Mogollon Rim, National Forests, Hoover Dam, and the Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Learn More

Healthcare Services

The Healthcare Services cluster includes industries offering health services primarily to the general public through hospitals, medical facilities and offices. The Healthcare Cluster includes a full spectrum of health services including mental health, pediatrics, acute care, long-term care, outpatient services, home healthcare, and elderly care. Learn More