Preparing Students for a Modern Economy Business

Community leaders in Mohave County understand the critical role that education plays in advancing our regional economy. Mohave County is committed to providing the best educational opportunities possible from pre-kindergarten through high school and beyond. A major focus of every school is to ensure that all students learn to use their minds and talents well so that they may be prepared for responsibilities of citizenship, lifetime learning, and productive employment in the global economy.

Students leave Mohave County high schools with a common framework of values that instill in them a developing appreciation and understanding of their work responsibilities. Every high school also provides school-to-work transition programs as a goal for non-college bound young people. For those students that move on to a higher education they are provided the tools they will need to achieve their aspirations. Five local Mohave County high schools participate in the Western Arizona Vocational Education (WAVE) Joint Technical Education District (JTED).

Mohave Community College also offers College for Kids. These are courses disigned to enrich young people's lives through enjoyable classes that complement and enhance their K-12 education experience and familarize them with their regional community college.

Mohave County is made up of 14 public school districts which consist of 54 public schools, 22,000 students, and 2,500 employees. Mohave County is also home to 6 charter schools, 4 private schools, and various home schooling organizations.

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