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Most people are aware of the huge economical impact that recreational boating has in Mohave County, but did you ever wonder just how much of an impact that hunting and fishing has on the local economy?

According to a study done by Arizona State University under Dr. Jonathan Silberman, Phd., the impacts are tremendous. Hunting and fishing are a very important source of revenue to many businesses in the Mohave Region.

The Report estimated that there were over 16,911 anglers and over 4,717 hunters residing in Mohave County, Arizona. Statewide, there are over 255,000 anglers and 135,000 hunters. These anglers and hunters spend money related to their sport in the county for a variety of reasons.

The study showed that trip expenditures just for fishing trips for one year in Mohave County were $74,516,507. Those expenditures included food, lodging, gas, equipment rental, boat fuel, launching fees, bait, and miscellaneous shopping. Small game hunters which include dove and quail hunters, waterfowl hunters, rabbit hunters and others spent just over $2 million a year. These hunters spend money on food, lodging, gas, equipment rental, miscellaneous shopping, first aid equipment, ammunition, heating, cooking fuel, and guide and access fees.

Big game hunting opportunities for sportsmen in the county include desert bighorn sheep, javelina, turkeys, elk, and mule deer. Mohave County is also home to the largest lknown herd of desert bighorn sheep in Arizona, which is found in the Black Mountains located along the western boundary of the county. Bighorn sheep are also found in northwest Mohave County, along the Virgin River and in the Kanab Creek drainage that forms the eastern boundary of the county. Unit 13B (Arizona Strip) in northern Mohave County is home to the what is considered by many to best trophy mule deer herd in the West.

Every year a limited amount of tags are issued by the Arizona Game & Fish Department through a draw and hunters from all over the country participate in the hunt. In 2007, only 85 tags were issued for mule deer in Unit 13B and yet more than 7,000 sportsmen bought hunting licenses that range from $32.25 for residents to $151.25 for non-residents. Tag fees just for mule deer are $42.25 for residents and $232.75 for non-residents. It is estimated that $734,593 is generated by big game hunters alone.

Total revenues generated by hunting and fishing in Mohave County for one year is estimated to be a whopping $80,001,709. Hunting and fishing is big business in Arizona. Hunter days totaled 1,189,004 while angler days totaled 5,302,707.

Mohave County is rich in natural amenities and outdoor living and businesses that cater to the needs of hunters and anglers can reap the financial rewards that this group brings to our local and state economy.