Distribution, Logistics, and Transportation

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Mohave County’s distribution, logistics and transportation industry cluster is primarily involved in the movement of goods, including but not limited to freight hauling, storage, and distribution. The core of this cluster revolves around trucking, rail hauling, and warehousing, however, includes air freight and other storage and distribution activities. The region’s strategic setting serves the distribution, logistics and transportation industry by offering an ideal location for distribution centers serving California and other western states.

California boasts the world’s eighth largest economy – and Mohave County’s strategic proximity offers a major benefit to take advantage of. This advantage provides Mohave County businesses same-day market access to California clients, vendors, and partners as well as world class resources and other expertise, while operating in a location with far lower operating costs. The Mohave region’s distribution, logistics and transportation industry cluster is currently in a strategic position for growth as Pacific ports and other west coast inland ports continue to reach capacity and push eastward in order to avoid costly delays. The ability for multimodal transportation opportunities also abound with the Mohave region’s access to major highway, rail, and airport operations in the vicinity.

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