Major Industries


Business Facilities recently ranked Arizona #1 - the nation’s alternative energy industry leader. That makes sense to us. Mohave County’s vast desert areas offer some of the highest solar and wind power potential in the nation. If you’re company is considering a new energy endeavor in Arizona, our economic development experts are here to help you explore all that Mohave County has to offer.

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Mohave County’s manufacturing industry is involved in the production of high value-added hard goods ranging the gamut of materials from composites and metals, to plastics and refractory materials. Manufacturing companies benefit from their Mohave County location with convenient access to transportation, low business costs, business-friendly environmental regulations, easy-access to savvy manufacturing talent, and an active year-round lifestyle.

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Distribution, Logistics, and Transportation

The Mohave region’s Distribution, Logistics and Transportation Industry Cluster is currently in a strategic position for growth as Pacific ports and other west coast inland ports continue to reach capacity and push eastward. The ability for multimodal transportation opportunities also abound with the Mohave region’s access to major highway, rail, and airport operations in the vicinity.

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Health Care Services

Mohave County’s healthcare services cluster includes industries offering health services primarily to the general public through hospitals, medical facilities and offices and includes a full spectrum of health services including mental health, pediatrics, acute care, long-term care, outpatient services, home healthcare, and elderly care. The Mohave region boasts four hospital facilities and multiple medical facilities and offices and is poised to add additional healthcare facilities as the population continues to grow.

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Arts & Entertainment

The Mohave region offers a rich history of cultures and a variety of events, including Native American tribes, the construction of Hoover Dam, the training of World War II airmen, the London Bridge, and the longest stretch of historic Route 66 still in use today for those still looking to get their kicks.

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