Specialized Manufacturing

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Manufacturing has been a mainstay of the Arizona economy for decades, and the Mohave region is no exception with a long history and a bright future as a Southwest center for specialized manufacturing. Our specialized manufacturing cluster takes advantage of the combined efforts of private sector, government, industry, academia and economic development leaders all working together for the advancement of the Mohave region.

Today, the Mohave region’s specialized manufacturing industry is involved in the production of high value-added hard goods ranging the gamut of materials from composites and metals, to plastics and refractory materials. These goods may be simple one-piece components, mechanical devices, electronics, complex multiple part apparatus, or anything in between. Manufacturing businesses see substantial benefits from their Mohave County location, with convenient access to transportation, low business costs, business-friendly environmental regulations, easy-access to savvy manufacturing talent, and an active year-round lifestyle.

Companies such as Sterilite Corporation, American Woodmark, West Cost Netting, Nucor Steel, Laron Engineering, Cascades Tissues Group, and Honeywell Aerospace are all examples of specialized manufacturers that call Mohave County home. If you’re company is considering a manufacturing relocation or expansion in Arizona, our economic development experts are here to help you explore all that Mohave County has to offer.

Kingman / Mohave Manufacturing Association

In 2011 The Kingman/Mohave Manufacturers' Association (KAMMA) was set up as non-profit employer association dedicated to serving businesses in the manufacturing and manufacturing service industries by providing a forum where problems, ideas, needs and solutions can be explored, shared and implemented. For more information on the KAMMA click here.