Group of People


A Growing Region


With 13,470 square miles and 200,186 people, Mohave County is the second largest county in Arizona. The total 2014 employment in the county is 62,823, with an average income of $43,618.

Mohave County Workforce Development has built a strong reputation for meeting and exceeding industry needs for customized, flexible and industry-driven skills training. It achieves this by partnering with other employment, educational, and training organizations to tailor a comprehensive program of skills training services for new, expanding and existing companies.

Mohave County’s healthcare services cluster includes industries offering health services primarily to the general public through hospitals, medical facilities and offices and includes a full spectrum of health services including mental health, pediatrics, acute care, long-term care, outpatient services, home healthcare, and elderly care. The Mohave region boasts four hospital facilities and multiple medical facilities and offices and is poised to add additional healthcare facilities as the population continues to grow.

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